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Industry Trends Estimated there were 27 Million Remote Home Office Employees in 2015
According to market research in 2015 there were over 27 million employees accessing business resources from a home office. With growing demand for remote workers to be able to work anytime from anywhere, Citrix based technologies can ensure reliable and dependable solutions. Starting in the 1990s Citrix released Windows Server hosted applications with their products named Metaframe, Presentation Server and XenApp. June 2013 saw the release of XenDesktop 7 which not only delivers virtual Windows desktops, but now also incorporates application delivery from Windows based servers, including Windows Server 2012. XenDesktop 7 also supports Windows 8 desktops and tablets; such as iPad and Android devices. Citrix dominates the market and is the most supported product to enable remote access from any device. Figuring out how it all works together for someone that doesn't work with it regularly can be a somewhat daunting task. This is why Citrix Nerds is proud to offer Professional Build Services, where an expert does the work to ensure it'll function flawlessly from the start.

XenDesktop 7.8 - Professional Build Services $1000
If you are an IT professional that would like deploy XenDesktop or upgrade from XenApp to XenDesktop for either Windows Server hosted applications and/or desktops or Windows 7 and/or Windows 8 virtual desktops then you've come to the right place. For about the cost of a days consulting services and some re-purposed hardware that you already own or new hardware that hasn't been unboxed yet, the core infrastucture can be built and used in the same day. System requirements are a Windows 2008 R2 Server or Windows 2012 R2 Server that's joined to a domain to function as a XenDesktop controller. A basic machine with 50gb disk storage, 8gb+ RAM and dual CPU cores is sufficient. The next decision is if you want to deploy a server hosted system or virtual workstations. For server based, just build a vanilla 2008 R2 or 2012 R2 server, join it to the domain and install all Windows updates. For virtual workstations, just build a vanilla Windows 7 or Windows 8.x machine, join it to the domain and install all Windows updates. Machines can be physcial or on a hypervisor such as VMware, XenServer or Hyper-V. A 10 user trial license will be used for the build that's good for 30 days and if remote access outside your LAN/WAN is requested then a 5 user Netscaler trial license will be used and you'll need an SSL certificate that we can buy for less than $20.

Enjoy the benefits of getting a new office up and running quickly, centralized desktop management and universal client access from anywhere using any type of device. VDI can reduce barriers to attracting talent since it enables virtual work styles. What used to be called Remote Access is now Cloud Computing and with not too much work your organization can have it's resources configured to be available online and working in the Cloud.

XenApp 6.5 - Professional Build Services $500
XenApp 6.5 was released on the 24th of August 2011 and has proven to be an extremely reliable product on Windows Server 2008 R2. Unlike it's predecessor, it works out of the box without applying any hotfixes. Citrix Nerds has built hundreds of XenApp 6.5 servers since it's release and continues to do so. XenApp 6.5 will still work as an all-in-one product on a single server, that's not even required to be part of a Microsoft Active Directory domain. Our build process is typically completed in two hours. XenApp 6.5 comes with a feature called the Windows 7 Desktop Experience which makes the server desktop look like a Windows 7 desktop, so users don't get confused by the unfamiliar icons next to the start button. XenApp 6.5 works beautiful with Web Interface 5.4 and the free Citrix Secure Gateway 3.3.2. Server hosted applications and desktops can be accessed from Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone and Android devices. All traffic is encapsulated via SSL on port 443. HDX gives you an almost local Flash animation experience on remote devices, so corporate training Flash video's can be used directly with Citrix.

Netscaler Integration with Web Interface or Storefront for XenApp and/or Xendesktop $500
Citrix is in the process of phasing out the free Citrix Secure Gateway to be replaced with the Netscaler gateway. In about two hours Citrix Nerds can deploy a Netscaler gateway in your environment and configure it to work with either Web Interface 5.4 or Storefront 3.x and you XenApp and/or XenDesktop environment. If you don't have it yet, we'll log in to the Citrix portal to download an 11.x Virtual Appliance, deploy it on your hypervisor (VMware, XenServer or Hyper-V) and configure the necessary network settings. In advance of a Citrix Nerds engineer performing the work, please have three LAN IP Addresses reserved, a Public DNS entry for something like and minimally TCP port 443 open in the firewall and NAT'd to one of the Internal LAN IP's. We'll go ahead and purchase an SSL certificate for your FQDN good for 3 years and install it on your Netscaler. If you have an existing physical Netscaler appliance running an older version of the firmware that still requires Java, the first thing we'll do is upgrade it to the 11.x firmware using a pretty awesome command line. We'll set up the basic configuration of your Netscaler to work with either Web Interface 5.4 or Storefront 3.x along with support for iPhone and iPad mobile devices. Want to do away with having to install Citrix Receiver clients on users machines? Storefront and Netscaler support a clientless HTML5 Citrix Receiver eliminating the need to install client software. Let a professional that works with Netscaler's all the time do the work for you, so it's done right the first time and there's no guessing involved.

iPad Access to Citrix XenApp / XenDesktop $250
In about an hour Citrix Nerds can provide iPad access to your Citrix XenApp / XenDesktop infrastructure. The cost is $250 and includes an SSL certificate for your FQDN good for 3 years. You'll need to have TCP port 443 open on your firewall and forwarded to your Web Interface server, as well as public DNS resolution for the FQDN. We'll install and configure Citrix Secure Gateway 3.3 and re-configure Web Interface 5.4 to work with the gateway. On your iPad you'll need to download and install the Citrix receiver from the App Store. We'll use one of our iPad's to test with first and then walk you through the setup process on your device.