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Cyber Security Service Contract
Dark Web Monitoring!

Depending on what you read and believe there are apparently 250,000 hackers working for the Chinese government trying to break in to systems in the United States. It used to be simpler where you could just block IP's coming from China (Russia as well) and lower your risk. However, they've gotten smarter and are using services from Amazon and Digital Ocean (other providers as well) with US IP's and circumventing it. One common way for hackers to break in to systems is to compromise Social Media sites and use the same passwords or minor variations of them with corporate sites. There's also a list of 12 million something easy to hack passwords that are often attempted against front facing devices in a brute force manner. Hackers know which passwords of those are most commonly used and which they have the greatest success with. How do you guess a username? Often it's an email address or variation of it, such as "TSMITH" or "TSMITH_ADMIN" that are easy to guess or searching for publicly known executive officers whose logins can be guessed and which are known to often have easier passwords, etc. Brute force attacks with hundreds of logon attempts per minute can actually slow a Domain Controller down because it can't handle that amount of sustained activity. $5 is the starting rate for compromised accounts on the Dark Web. Every organization fears a breach and having their clients' information appear on the Dark Web and of course the negative publicity associated with it. Please feel free to request a complimentary non-intrusive scan for your domain and see what's out there on the Dark Web. Interestingly, most customers when they see the list at first they're startled, but then they get comfortable again or too busy and keep their fingers crossed hoping that they don't ever get hacked.

Continuous monitoring is actually reasonably priced at $100 monthly per domain for 100 or less users and $250 per domain monthly for over 100 users. A 20% discount applies if purchased annually, so 100 users would be $1000 annually and over 100 users $2500 annually.

Request a complimentary non-intrusive scan for your domain.