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Education K12 Premium Citrix Nerds Support Contract
Contractually Guaranteed Citrix Support 24 hours a day!
The Citrix Nerds Education K12 Premium Support contract costs $4995 annually and includes 25 hours of labor, with a 4 hour service level agreement (SLA) and 24x7 support. Additional labor is billed at a discounted rate of $125 per hour. Contracted clients are provided with a private extension on the standard 800 support number that will route their call to a premium support engineer specializing in K12 education. This contract is available for K12 educational organizations that require a contracted/guaranteed service level agreement and prefer working with someone with an understanding of K12 specific requirements. Please fax completed and signed contract to 800-723-0078. Payment may be made via check on NET 30 terms with an approved purchase order.

This AGREEMENT made effective as of _____________ between Citrix Nerds and ____________________________.

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual covenants and agreements contained herein, Citrix Nerds and ____________________________ (client) agree as follows:

1.   Citrix Nerds shall provide client with 24X7 Citrix support services remotely (ie. telephone, email, text messaging, VPN, Terminal services, IP-KVM, GoToMeeting, etc) to assist client staff with resolving Citrix issues;
2.   Support services shall include Citrix XenApp / XenDesktop and associated products utilized by client (ie. XenApp, XenDesktop, License Server, IMA Datastore, Web Interface, Program Neighborhood Agent, Storefront, Netscaler, Citrix Secure Gateway, Provisioning Server) running on Windows 2008 R2, Windows 2012 and Windows 2012 R2 server environments;
3.   Service Level Agreement (SLA) shall be a maximum of 4 hours (this is the longest it will take for an engineer to respond to a service request);
4.   Client staff shall be provided with a private extension on the standard 800 support number that will route their call to a premium support engineer with a special on-call phone;
5.  Citrix Nerds shall provide client staff with an additional toll free and non-toll free phone number using different phone carriers from the standard 800 support number incase of phone company problems;
6.   In the event that client experiences a mission critical outage and the only Citrix Nerds engineer available is working remotely or onsite with another client with a less severe issue as determined by the engineer, then the engineer shall cease working with the other client until client's issue is either resolved or in a state of being resolved;
7.   Client staff shall grant Citrix Nerds engineers supervised administrator level access to servers in client's environment;
8.   Citrix Nerds shall advise client staff of recommended best practices for Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and Disaster Recovery, including application of appropriate software updates;
9.   Citrix Nerds shall advise client staff of performance issues that may require onsite assistance (ie. Hard disk failure);
10.   Client staff shall replace defective hardware;
11.  Citrix Nerds shall document all service requests and corrective measures taken, including if requested a GoToMeeting video of the support call;
12.  Citrix Nerds shall only respond to service requests made by authorized client Information Services staff (client end users may not contact Citrix Nerds directly).

This agreement shall be in effect for a period of one year.

Citrix Nerds Premium Support contract costs $4995 and includes 25 hours of labor per year, with additional labor billed monthly at a discounted rate of $125 per hour. If a call needs to be escalated to Citrix, then Citrix Nerds and client shall split the $400 per incident cost. Unused time cannot be applied to a new support contract or renewal and shall expire one year from contract inception date.

Signed: Signed:

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