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    Wyse Thin Clients
    Lightening fast deployment...

    Our technical engineering team has succeeded in configuring two different types of Wyse Thin Clients and getting them to work with Citrix. The Wyse C10LE is ideal for fast single monitor configurations and the R10L is excellent for out of the box dual monitor configurations. We've configured them with the latest Firmware (8.3_109) and via the FTP boot process we install Intermediate and Root SSL certificates for them to work with modern computing environments. Both will work on your clients local area network and they can also be configured to be used from remote offices via a Citrix Netscaler. There is an abundant supply of used Wyse C10 & R10 thin clients on eBay going for $20-$50 per unit shipped. If you're concerned about Ransomware or Malware infecting your Windows based client workstations that end users work with, then having an alternative that's nearly impossible to hack is a very worthwhile investment.

    How does it work?
    On your Microsoft Windows DHCP server you create an Option 161 which contains the IP address of the FTP server you have set up to load the Wyse thin client configurations. When the unit is turned on, it obtains an IP address and also knows where to look for configuration information and pulls it down in only a few seconds. We'd be glad to assist you in setting up an FTP server on an existing or new Windows Server and putting configuration files on it for Wyse thin clients. For management, you can connect to them via VNC and see what the end user sees.

    We'd be happy to schedule a quick demo or ship you a thin client to try out in your own environment or connect it to a Citrix server in the cloud.


    Sample User Logon Screen