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Private Cloud Hosted Citrix Infrastructure
Fully Managed and Affordably Priced
Let someone else worry about server hardware, firmware updates, software patches and hardware maintenance. Private cloud providers have redundancy that most businesses can't even fathom to afford. Dual power supplies, battery backups, diesel genators that can run for weeks, fiber optic connections to multiple Tier 1 Internet service providers and staff that are there 24x7 monitoring system uptime. Servers are already rack mounted and all it takes is a few mouse clicks to spin up more. No ordering hardware, waiting for it to arrive, unboxing it, assembly, attaching server rails, mounting it in racks, running powercords, plugging in network cables, assigning IP's... someone else does all that for you and you just make a monthly payment for it all to work.

Small business friendly configurations starting at 25 users for $105 per user per month in the first year and $65 per month in the 2nd year or $75 flat rate with a 3 year commitment. 50 users for $85 per user per month in the first year and $45 per month in the 2nd year or $60 flat rate with a 3 year commitment. Run your Windows applications in a private cloud and access it from almost any device via Citrix. Supported devices include Windows desktops, Windows laptops, Windows mobile devices, Apple workstations, Macbooks, iPads, iPhones and Android mobile devices.

Terrific uptime approaching 100% that would be impractical to attempt using hardware at your own premises. Data is secure on equipment running on US soil. Many businesses are choosing to not ever buy new server hardware again, instead moving to cloud hosting. Existing PC hardware for Desktop users can be re-purposed and simplied with a standard image deployed one time and locked down with Deep Freeze or using a simple PXE boot server to deliver a fresh basic OS with Citrix client software pre-configured and ready to use.

Getting started is simple. Just make a list of the applications you want running in the cloud and how many users you need to support and we'll port it all to the cloud. Use accounts from an existing Active Directory domain or start new. You've probably already done plenty of research online, so take the next step and call to speak with a technical consultant that can get it done.

It's 2024 and Citrix Cloud hosted infrastructure is a mature, business capable service available at an affordable cost.