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Citrix Nerds Monthly Managed Services Contract
Fixed Monthly Services Operational Budget Cost Starting at $4,000
The Citrix Nerds Monthly Managed Services contract provides cost effective Citrix services starting at $4,000 monthly to augment or replace fulltime staff costing $50,000 - $80,000+ annually. This service is for medium sized organizations that prefer a fixed monthly cost rather than hiring fulltime staff or to augment fulltime staff with a contracted Citrix expert. The service contract includes up to 20 hours labor per month to do with as you like. Imagine a top level Citrix engineer that's basically part of your staff that takes care of day-to-day Citrix operational tasks or new infrasturcture build outs. Minimally a 12 month contract is required, which you are billed for on a monthly basis on NET 30 terms and after a year the service goes to a month to month basis until either party terminates the agreement. Un-used hours cannot be rolled over to the next month unless previously agreed upon for a big project build so there is no cost over run. $200 per hour may seem expensive, but you get what you pay for and you get the highest level enterprise engineer to work with you that'll know your environment inside out. A remote desktop connection either using Citrix, VPN or LogMeIn will be used to access a management PC to work from as if onsite.

1.   Citrix Nerds shall provide client managed services for their Citrix environment;
2.   Covered products include Citrix Presentation Server 3.0, 4.0 and 4.5 on Windows 2003 R2 servers, XenApp 5.0 on Windows 2008 servers, XenApp 6.0 and 6.5 on Windows 2008 R2 servers, XenDesktop 7.x on Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 2012 R2 servers as well as VDI for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, Web Interface 5.4, Citrix Secure Gateway, Storefront, Netscaler, Provisioning Server and Edgesight;
3.   Supported client devices include Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android and Thin Clients;
4.   Client staff shall grant Citrix Nerds engineers supervised and unsupervised administrator level access to servers in client's environment;
5.  Client shall be set up with a management virtual PC with a remote desktop connection either using Citrix, VPN or LogMeIn.

This agreement shall be in effect for a period of one year.

Citrix Nerds Monthly Managed Services contract costs $4,000 pre-paid monthly and includes 20 hours of labor per month, with additional labor if agreed upon in advance taken from the next month or billed at $200 per hour on NET 30 terms. Unused time does not roll over to the next month. This agreement shall convert to a month to month agreement unless written notice is given one month prior to expiration of the one year agreement or one month prior if on a month to month basis.