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Access Infrastructure for Government
Protecting critical infrastructure takes a combined and coordinated effort.
Today more than ever, government depends on the ability to access, share and act on vital information—across functions, agencies and borders. Citrix Access Infrastructure Solutions for Government provide public servants seamless, secure access to the mission-critical applications and information required for effective response to emergencies, recovery from disasters and delivery of basic services. From centralized and scalable Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Servers, applications and information are easily Web-enabled and delivered to any device, at any location, over any connection—including low-bandwidth and wireless. Worker productivity and efficiency are increased, while increasing citizens’ satisfaction and keeping the costs of IT infrastructure low.

  • Provide secure, consistent access to government applications and information to a geographically dispersed workforce
  • Increase administrative efficiency and leverage existing infrastructure
  • Provide a higher level of service to citizens and employees
  • Enable authorized and secure information and application sharing across agencies
  • Provide critical infrastructure protection in the event of a planned or unplanned outage

What can it do for you?
Simplify access. Reduce costs. Accelerate mission-critical projects.
Citrix® Application Deployment Solutions provide public servants seamless, secure access to the mission-critical applications and information required for effective response.

Application Deployment in Government
Ensuring authorized, secure and consistent access.
Citrix® Application Deployment Solutions instantly and securely deliver CRM and government ERP applications as well as real-time information to any device, from any location, over any connection. Instead of agency IT staff taking weeks to configure every PC in every department, applications are installed just once on a centralized server—and made immediately accessible over the Web, with no rewriting of code, no change in user interface, and no loss in performance. Older PCs and Macs can access the latest Windows®, UNIX®, COTS and legacy Mainframe applications, helping budget-strapped agencies avoid the cost of replacing hardware.

What do you need to make it happen?
The Citrix MetaFrame Access Suite is your application deployment solution. The suite is the world’s most widely deployed presentation server — it centralizes access to applications and information and enables IT staffs to deliver, manage, monitor and measure enterprise resources on demand. Each component product solves a particular access challenge, while all of the products work together seamlessly to power the on-demand enterprise and provide an application deployment solution.

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